Other Specialized Services

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a process to supplement diagnostic interviewing. It is an intensive, short-term process that can;

  • Clarify diagnosis or validate diagnostic impressions
  • Inform treatment planning
  • Identify additional issues that warrant referral or professional intervention
  • Help answer specific questions that arise in other systems such as competency, guardianship of elderly or disabled persons.

Psychological testing may also supplement information obtained for other types of evaluations such as custody and visitation issues, parent-child reunification and need for supervision.

Because of the nature of this service, it is available in limited quantity. Our priority for providing this service is as follows:

  1. Assessments ordered by a Court or Child Protective Services
  2. Internal referrals from other Solutions providers for diagnostic clarification and to help Solutions clients qualify for particular programs and services

We do not currently have sufficient capacity to perform disability evaluations for Social Security or to perform educational testing for school IEPs.


 Anger Management

Our anger management classes, geared toward adults with legal troubles related to anger and violence, focuses on behavioral change through identification of triggers and development of skills to eliminate acting out in anger or rage. It is not a Batterer’s Intervention program. Our anger management counseling employs an evidenced-based treatment approach that utilizes an Anger Management SAMSHA workbook. Most participants have some connection to the criminal justice system and are therefore mandated to attend, but that is not required. The program is facilitated 4 times per year and consists of 10 weekly group sessions.

Who can participate?
Referrals must be made at the Mason office, please bring along any appropriate court paperwork (if applicable).

Who provides the service?
A Master’s level licensed clinician.

The cost of the program is $225 and covers all sessions, anger management classes, and the required workbook.

Anger management counseling is only provided at our Kingsview location