FY23 year end data

December 14, 2023

Solutions’ mission is to promote wellness in mind, body and spirit through the provision of effective, affordable mental health and substance use services that promote recovery and overall health. The following graphs/tables are from FY 23 (July 1, 2022 thru June 30, 2023) and summarize statistics related to the implementation of our mission. 

Solutions has three locations: Lebanon, Springboro and Wilmington and provides services to adults and children. Admissions are new clients entering services across the agency for all programs. Served is throughout the entire year and may be seen by multiple staff in different programs.

Our organization is taking new clients. For adults, if they come during our same day access hours they can be seen the same day. For children and adolescents, we will schedule an appointment once we receive a completed application. Wait times are very low and have been for many years. As you can see in the below graph our longest wait time is typically less than a day.

For many providers, they may be able to get you started, but there may be a wait until your second appointment. Solutions’ longest wait times remain low compared to industry benchmark targets.

As a community behavioral health provider, we treat the whole person and provide comprehensive outpatient services at our agency. For clients who receive therapy or case management services, there are prescriber services available to them.  We have adult and child providers. Once someone is established in services, the time to see a prescriber is lower than other specialty care.  The average wait time for all individuals was less than 10 days. Some clients can even get in the same week.

 The agency also provides prevention services through a grant from Mental Health Recovery Board serving Warren and Clinton Counties. Our focus is for early childhood prevention which means working with childcare centers and Head Start centers in both counties. Last year over 100 children were assessed and provided with at least a brief consultation service. The team has worked with 27 centers that included 270 teachers across 174 classrooms.

Other accomplishments to highlight include:

·       No wait list for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in our Outpatient Substance Use Program

·        Of all the adult therapy clients we served in the Outpatient Mental Health Program less than 1% were hospitalized during the year

·        In our adult case management program we worked with over 600 clients in their homes and the community. 40 of those clients received the highest level of support which is 3-5 times per week.

·        There was no wait list for our child trauma program Parent and Children Together (PACT), which is available in both counties.


Solutions remains committed to the individuals we serve and the communities that support them. Our goal for FY24 is to hire additional staff to be able to serve more individuals. We will do this by recruiting, focusing on the wellness of our staff, adjusting programs as needed and partnering with community stakeholders.