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Communication, Compassion, and Continuation to Get You through the Winter

Posted on: February 19, 2015 1:00 pm

                How many discussions have you had about the weather this week?  I’ve had no less than 10 this morning alone.   With temperatures well below 0, who isn’t thinking about how cold it is outside?  Along with our daily worries about school, appointments, errands, bills, and work, we have to be sure our families have enough layers when trekking outside, and decide who will care for our kiddos while they are off school.  (Who, by their fourth day at home, are bored of watching Big Hero 6 and building snow forts.)  The added stress of these frigid temperatures can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression for people of all ages.

                If the cold days have you feeling down, you’re not alone.  Psychologists from the Boston area have seen an increase in need for counseling for people feeling stressed and worried about the seemingly endless snow they have endured this winter.   With 8 feet of snow to date, the city is experiencing one of the worst winters recorded.   Fortunately, southeastern Ohio’s winter has not been as treacherous, but when it is too cold to go outside, and the weather makes traveling dangerous, it can leave us feeling trapped.  You may be feeling a lack of control, or stress because simple tasks, like a trip to the grocery store, take much longer.  These feelings are normal, and many people experience them in the colder months of the year.  So what are some strategies for coping with the lack of sunshine and lots of time spent inside?

                There are simple things you can do to handle the added stress.  An easy way to remember a few strategies for taking care of yourself and others is to follow the “three C’s,” which are: communication, compassion, and continuation.  It can be easy to isolate when feeling down, yet maintaining social relationships with friends and family can quickly brighten both your day and your friend’s.  Crafts and coloring are a great indoor activity and fun for both kids and adults.  Also, the weather affects us all, and showing compassion for your neighbors, who are undoubtedly just as cold, can lighten the unpleasant feelings you’re having.  Maybe you can join community members are the Countryside YMCA when they host a health fair from 10am – 1pm?  It's a a free event and there will be many resource booths for kids and adults.  Lastly, continuing your daily routine as much as possible preserves your sense of control when it feels like we are at the mercy of the gusty winds and chilly temps.   We hope to see you at the health fair this Saturday, February 21!  

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Technology Free Trends

Posted on: April 9, 2015 10:00 am

Technology Free Trends

Have you heard about the pledge that numerous families are taking to spend one evening a week completely free of all things technology?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz centered around the movement “Tech Free Tuesday’s”. It seems there are a billions ways that technology can distract both adults and children every second of everyday… Let’s see, there is Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, video games, Netflix, cable, movies, etc.. etc.. etc… The list literally goes on and on!

Watson’s Furniture Store wants to help by sponsoring Tech-Free Tuesday, where you pledge to go tech-free – even for just a few hours in the evening – by signing up here. When you pledge, you’ll also be entered to win one of four $1,000 gift cards to Watson's! I have heard numerous radio stations in Cincinnati marketing this movement to "Take the Tech Free Pledge."

Could you and your family spend one whole evening completely free of all things technology?

 Tech Free Tips and Sample Ideas

  • Pick a night that is most convenient for your family. It can be ANY NIGHT throughout the week. 
  • Spring is in the air!! Why not spend your tech free night with your family by taking a hike, going to the park, or creating a scavenger hunt!!
  • Have dinner OUTSIDE! Plan a picnic for a marvelous Tech Free dinner!
  • Host a family game night.
  • Volunteer! Playing with animals at the local shelter, visiting with residents in the nursing home, cooking and serving a meal at a soup kitchen – there are countless ways you can make a difference together as a family by volunteering your precious time and hard work. Did you know that you do not even even have to leave home to volunteer? You could spend the evening writing letters and assembling care packages for the troops with Operation Gratitude or clean out the kitchen cabinets and assemble donations for the local food pantry!

  • Spend an evening reminiscing and documenting your family memories together during a scrapbooking session!

  • Read Together! There are a ton of great books that both kids and adults will enjoy reading out loud to each other. A couple ideas for book series that your family may enjoy reading out loud together: The Chronicles of Narnia, The Harry Potter series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, Nancy Drew mysteries, If You Give a Mouse a Cookies series, etc!
  • As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” so here’s a bonus idea for those rainy Tech Free Nights! Check out this page at where you can search for indoor activities by theme, ages of your kids and materials you already have on-hand!

There are plenty more GREAT ideas for ways you and your family could spend their Tech Free Evening at

Best of luck with this "Tech Free" challenge!


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