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MHCA Best Practice Awards were announced. Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Centers was recognized for achieving the highest overall customer satisfaction. Solutions was ranked first in Mental Health Services, Mental Health Outpatient Care and Referral Source Satisfaction of all participating organizations nationwide.

Mental Health Services

Welcome to Solutions Community Counseling and Recovery Centers. Our name is new, but our roots in the Warren and Clinton County communities extend back more than 30 years. Solutions is the result of a two-year project that combined two community mental health centers (Mental Health & Recovery Centers of Warren County and Mental Health & Recovery Center of Clinton County) into a single entity, which launched on July 1, 2011. This project was undertaken with several aims; improved access and coordination of services, improved quality of service and minimizing cost by eliminating duplication.

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Solutions is committed to making services responsive, accessible and affordable. We have five office locations and regularly provide services at more than 50 other locations in our community including schools, correctional facilities and other social service agencies. We are a contract provider for the local Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board, Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren and Clinton Counties. Our contract allows us to provide affordable services by offering a sliding fee scale. In addition we accept most major insurances including Medicaid.

Solutions provides a broad array of Mental Health Services and alcohol/drug outpatient services at our Cincinnati area rehabilitation centers, ranging from counseling to psychiatry to case management. We have served clients as young as three years of age and as old as 89. We provide drug, alcohol and rehabilitation treatment services to about 6,000 people annually and prevention/education services to about 1,200 people per month. Contact one of our mental health counselors or drug and alcohol counselors at a rehabilitation center near you for more information.

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